What we know about book printing, you could write a book about!

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Dorset is real haven of creative talent. This is definitely true when it comes to writing. You only have to look at the number of writing networks, story competitions and creative writing courses to see that.

It must be a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction to see your work in print. It’s certainly a pleasure when we deliver books to the authors. The diversity of subjects is one thing that never ceases to surprise us: Anthologies, biographies, family histories, local information, poetry, recipe books, short stories and more!

When we receive enquiries about printing books, many of the questions are the same each time:

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of books to print?
A: There’s no minimum or maximum. We can offer as little as 5 or 10, going up to 100s and 1000s.

Q: Does the number of pages matter?
A: From a production point of view it doesn’t matter. From a materials points of view, more pages means more paper so that will affect the price. Much larger page counts may be better suited to being thread sewn bound, rather than perfect bound.

Q: What size can my book be printed?
A: There are two standard sizes for books A5 and A4, but we can also offer bespoke sizes.

Q: I’ve written my book, but I’ve not idea about a cover design
A: We have a creative team who will be able to advise you on a cover design and produce something you are happy with.

Q: Do I get a choice of cover?
A: We can produce your book with either paper back or hard back covers.

Q: I have photographs and images, can these be included?
A: Yes, we can reproduce images in colour or black and white.

Q: How will my book be bound?
A: Normally books are finished perfect bound, which means the pages are glued together at one side with the cover spine. Other options are available.


If you are interested in having a book printed with us please email or call 01308 423411.


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