A note for business owners, marketing professionals and committee members alike

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January seems to be the month when people make decisions about the year ahead. You may be a business owner, a marketing manager in businesses, an event organiser or a committee member tasked with organising an event this year. Creeds is here to help and support you, so that whatever you need meets or exceeds your expectations and shows you in a fantastic light.

Here are some general comments and observations based on our experience that we’d like to share with you.

Business stationery

A business card or a letter might be someone’s first interaction with your organisation. People will make a judgement about you and your organisation based on what you give them. We’ve seen many examples of flimsy business cards handed out having been ordered from a distant supplier over the internet. The cards don’t convey quality (quite the opposite), and this isn’t the area where you should be looking to make savings. Ask your printer about the weight of paper stock they recommend using for your cards and how they will be finished.

Events in 2019

Whether you are a professional event organiser or a volunteer that has assumed for the role for one year only, we are here to help. We don’t just print, we will be your partner helping you make the right decisions about what materials you need to make your event a success, and how far ahead you need to be planning. With our design service, we can give a real flare to whatever you’re doing – and ensure consistency across all items. Trust us to work with you and make sure the end results are a delight for you and the envy of others.

Magazines, Newsletters and Periodicals

The design, printing, finishing and mailing out of regular correspondence like those mentioned above are all done in-house. This means that we keep control of the quality and timeline involved in production, so that what we agreed with you at the outset is what we deliver at the end. If you represent a church, council, school, club, association or charity and want to discuss printing, we’d be delighted to hear from you (with no obligation of course).

Brochures and Catalogues

2019 might be the year you revamp your main brochure. It’s interesting that with so much marketing being online these days, a space has opened up for businesses that see the value of putting something tangible in people’s hands.

We are also well-versed in printing sale and auction catalogues (varying formats and quantities) for organisations such as fine art and antique dealers, auctioneers, museums and galleries and jewellers.

We hope that your organisation, be it a business, charity or community group has had a good start to the year. We’re here to help with any design and print enquiries that crop up during 2019. We look forward to hearing from you.

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