Value quality over cost

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Value quality over cost…

 Paper ScrunchA few months ago I found myself in a pound saver type shop where I picked up some cards. I was in a rush so I put them in my shopping basket not thinking of the quality. A few days had passed and I remembered I needed to get these cards written and sent out. I found myself a pen and took my box of cards to my desk, I opened the box and removed the first card to write it and oh dear they weren’t even printed on card.

I thought a card was meant to be stiff enough to stand up by itself.

In retrospect I was in a pound saver shop and, as the old saying goes, “you buy cheap, you buy twice”.

This little mistake had me thinking: there’s a minefield of cheap and cheerful printing offers and services online, but beating down the price of your printing usually ends up compromising the quality of your finished product, in turn this quality will reflect on your business or service that you are offering and may also affect the return response on what you are promoting.

 I do hope that you don’t make the same mistake I did, it is always best to value quality over cost.

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