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Choosing the right paper for print

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The difference in finish between coated and uncoated paper when printing can be considerable. We explain the outcomes of each for both Litho and Digital printing processes.


Lithographic Printing

An uncoated material (non shiny) will absorb the ink leaving the finished item with a flat/dull finish. A coated (shiny) material will produce a much more vibrant image, due to the gloss finish on the top layer of the paper.

Digital Printing

The differences with digital printing are less obvious, due to the way a digital machine prints an image. Using coloured toner (powder) and heat, digital printers often produce a satin-like finish, even on uncoated papers. This can vary between machines and depend on the colours within the image. A coated material will gain an even greater gloss with a digital machine, which can be ideal for items such as Flyers and Business Cards.

Which to go for?

Ultimately, this will depend on the item to be printed, the quantity and weight of the material required:

  • For maximum gloss on a short run project, we would recommend Digital Printing with a coated material.
  • For a flat, traditional finish, on a medium to long run project, then Litho using uncoated stock would be preferred.

We can show you the difference…

We have many samples of different materials using both print processes, which we can go through with you to choose the best for your project. Simply call us on 01308 423411 or click here to contact us.

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