We explain what bleeds are and why you need them when printing.

Bleeds are required when images or colours run to the edge or edges of a page. These images or colours need to overlap the edge of the page so there is something to trim into when your printed items are cut to their finished size. Not having bleed on your document will mean you get uneven or white edges on the finished printed item.

The illustration below, outlines the difference:








The left image shows the coloured area touching the crop marks (with bleed), whereas the right image doesn’t. The crops marks are used to indicate the finished size to be cut to.

Does your artwork require bleed?

If you have no colour or images close to or going over the edge of your finished product, then bleed may not be necessary. However, it is always advisable to check with your printer first, before supplying print ready files.

Tip: Check with your printer what size your finished document will need to be. Some documents are a specific size for a reason, for example business cards are best printed 85 x 55mm the reason for this is it makes it the same size as a credit card so it fits nicely in a wallet or card holder.

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