Stand out from the crowd with Happy New Year cards

By December 17, 2018 August 21st, 2019 No Comments

December is such a busy month. For some businesses Christmas is an artificial deadline that customers focus on and say “I would like this [name of project] done by Christmas please”.

From a marketing and profile point of view, December is one of the hardest months to stand out and get noticed. Take Christmas cards as an example. It’s lovely to choose a card, have it printed with your message and logo, then write a personal note in every one. The problem often is that the person you are sending the card to is too busy to appreciate your efforts.

So, here’s a thought.

If it’s hard to stand out and get noticed in December, why not send a card to arrive in the first week of January wishing customers a Happy and successful New Year?

A New Year card wishing your customer every success and hoping that 2019 is the year that brings success and their dreams a little bit closer, is a lovely and thoughtful message.

If you haven’t managed to sort out Christmas cards this year – don’t worry. Speak to us about cards for New Year – we’d be delighted to help.


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